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Williams was born in Wentworth in the city of Durban (in South Africa) on the 4th January. The Durban-based DJ enjoyed fluctuating fortunes in his musical career and personal life, before landing a contract with East Coast Radio.

Trevor grew up in Wentworth and managed to avoid the worst elements of the street gangs there. Instead he channeled his energy into the arts - establishing a reputation as both a promising rapper and a DJ. At just 16 years old Trevor was the first black South African to win a South African DJ Championship. Top nightclubs then began showing immense interest in his talent.

This was followed by Trevor signing on with some of the most respected promoters in South Africa - marking the beginning of his journey as a DJ at A-list nightclubs and festivals around the country. His radio career started at the University of Natal. Here Trevor established himself as the first host of the Breakfast show on Durban Youth Radio. He then moved onto another prime-time slot - doing the afternoon drive show at Beach Wise Radio in 1997. After that, P4 Radio in Durban where he co-hosted their morning show snatched Trevor up. He joined East Coast Radio - the station where he's currently employed - in 1999. 

Trevor has also MC'd many local and international concerts and shows - including those for world renowned artists like Sybil, Michael Jackson, Ce Ce Penaston, Tamia, Ronan Keating, Will Young, Marcos Hernandez, Shane Ward,  and other super stars. Trevor devotes his time to South African music and most of the country's artists have developed a respect for his role in the industry. His main focus is on promoting up and coming talent in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

He has lent a hand to many of the provinces top artist - like Jae, Garth Taylor, Ernie Smith, Baby Boy and many others. Trevor never stops giving back to the community. In 2001 he launched a campaign called Toys for Joy together with Helena Van Den Berg. During the project he personally visited over 20 hospitals in Durban and Pietemarizburg - giving more than 2 000 toys and party packs to the kids at these institutions. Other hospitals got wind of the Christmas drive and wanted to be apart of it as well.

So, in 2001 Trevor got East Coast Radio to adopt the project and the name was change to Toy Story. During that year Trevor visited over 68 hospitals. He even made a four-hour trip to Pongola (in Zululand) to deliver presents to needy children on Christmas. Trevor and Helena were also the brains behind the Winter Warmth campaign.  This is a project to collect blankets and clothes for destitute families. 

They've visited many clinics, churches, and community halls distributing blankets, clothing and food to those in need. Trevor maintains that to keep a balance life, you have to give with your heart and not what you can afford.And when he's not in the DJ box or touching base with the community, Trevor is taking care of business - literally. He's a partner in an entertainment company called T N T Entertainment. T N T Entertainment works closely with top record companies in Johannesburg, helping to promote South African artists in Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

Trevor Williams is a young black South African man who has been at the helm of entertainment in the country for over 20 years. He plans to continue to help nurture young Kwa-Zulu Natal talent for many years to come.

Trevor Williams continuous to produce great music in 2009. His new CD Trevor Williams Volume 2 is now out at all music stores. Mario  Ogle - “Can’t spot loving you” has being played listed on most radio station around South Africa, Trevor’s single More & More featuring Khani is banging club anthem and making it’s way onto more radio stations every day. Trevor Williams Volume 2 is must CD to have in your CD collection.

Trevor has also been blessed with three awesome sponsors and a new contract on a Cape Town radio station. 1time Airline, Capital Car Rentals and Ecko Unltd clothing are his new sponsors and he joined Heart FM in Cape Town in March 2009.

1Time Airline fly’s him between Durban and Cape Town, Capital Cars keeps him moving on the road with the hottest rides and Ecko Unltd clothing ensures that his swagger is right.

East Coast Radio vs Heart FM
Now that I have two jobs in two cities, one on the east coast and the other on the west coast, I have the best of both worlds.

Why Two Radio Stations?

If you listen to my weekend show on East Coast Radio, you will hear my love for radio, two days with something that you love is not enough, I needed more radio in my life.

When I received an offer to join Heart FM in Cape Town, I did not give it a second thought. This was the second time getting a call from Gavin Merring for a radio job. The first was for East Coast Radio in 1999 and the second in November 2008 for Heart FM.

Before confirming with Heart FM I spoke to Naveen, my manager at East Coast Radio about my opportunity at Heart Fm – he was very supportive and help me secure both my Airline and car sponsorship. I love East Coast Radio and I am a born East Coaster, the people, the music, the events, the vibe, I love everything about Kwa Zulu Natal; it is that culture that many east coasters living in Cape Town love when I am on the radio, for Cape Town I bring a whole new experience to radio – for now the emails and sms sent to me are all positive, they love what I do.

My Decision
In 2006 I spent a solid month in Cape Town, I listened to various radio station every day, however only one station could satisfy my needs, I fell in love with Heart FM music and programming. I said to myself “if I have to work on any other radio station in South Africa, Heart FM is my only choice”. I made my intentions clear with Heart FM managing director; I told him I love the station and would love to work for Heart FM in the future. “They say be careful of what you wish for”

The Two Stations
The two stations are completely different to one another, the music, features, listeners, broadcasting desk, computer systems, etc; everything is completely different. Having worked on many audio software programs before, I easily adapted to Heart FM’s broadcasting desk, I had my fair share of on-air mistakes and leant every day.

Three Weeks Later....
I am now starting to settle in Cape Town and my first assignment is to learn more about Cape culture – food, music, habits, events, sports, etc. I know a bit nevertheless I need to start living them. I thought that travelling would be difficult, it turns out to be the easiest. I know many people that hate travelling but I think with modern technology your office is on the road. I still run both my companies T n T Entertainment and TJ Roofrooms from Cape Town and Airports, it’s like I never left my Durban office.

I miss my family dearly, my wife and kids where miserable the first week, we keep in touch by, phone, email, Skype and Mxit. I still help with homework, ensure my kids are in bed by 8pm and say good night to my wife.

My goal this year [2009] is to help many students understand the power of Education; already in Kwa Zulu Natal i have spoken to more than 6 000 students from grade 4 to grade 12. Together with the Department of Education and corporate sponsorship I plan to cover as many schools as possible. The idea is to fight crime using education. My campaign is called “Education Power” my slogan is “Only the educated are free”

My personal slogan:
“Open your mind to one new idea every day and you will GROW”